Recommend products and get paid for it.

It's never been easier to start getting paid for sharing what you love with your community.

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A creator looks directly at the camera, with an Instagram affiliate programme overlay.

How to earn with affiliate

You'll receive commission payments based on the total sales you drive for a brand. You can see a brand's commission rate within the app.

You'll be paid on closed commissions, after the return period for the items purchased has passed. For most brands, it's between 30-90 days.

You'll be able to track your performance in your Insights tab.

Become a pro by downloading our Instagram affiliate guide.


How to get started with affiliate


Sharpen your affiliate game

Keep followers informed

With new followers every day, regularly add quick education to every 3-5 affiliate posts to let your audience know where and how they can shop your affiliate content. Whether you use the caption of a feed post or a fun sticker in a story, letting followers know they can tap on the product tags to shop is helpful.

Tag often, sell more

Repetition is key so the more exposure your followers have to product tags in your content, the more likely they are to tap and shop.

Be smart; use insights

Take a look at your affiliate insights to see what followers are tapping on and purchasing. As you learn more about your followers' preferences, let these insights guide your future tagging strategy.

Highlight favourite products in a shop

If there are items followers always ask about, create a shop to make it easy for your followers to browse editorialised collections featuring your favourite products.

Be transparent

Eligible for commission language is included at the top of every affiliate post, but sharing more about how you earn can encourage followers to shop your affiliate links as a way to support you and the amazing content you're creating.

Be authentic

Your followers started following you for a reason. Don't let the earning potential of your content get in the way of staying true to what they already love about you.


How does affiliate work?

Instagram affiliate creators earn a commission on sales made from product tags in feed posts and Stories, and products featured in their shop.

Where can I use affiliate tags?

Creators are able to use affiliate product tags in feed, stories, live and in their shop.

What if I'm already using another affiliate solution? Am I still able to use Instagram affiliate links?

Yes, you can use multiple affiliate networks at the same time. Pro tip: commission is paid out by the affiliate link that receives the last click.

What are shops?

Shops are a great way to editorialise and share seasonally relevant products with your audience. Learn how to create a shop, and collections within your shop, featuring your favourite products.

Which brands and products can I tag?

There are new brands being onboarded to Instagram affiliate each week. Learn how to discover their products and shops within the app.

How do I get paid?

As an Instagram affiliate creator, you'll receive your first payment once you’ve earned commissions of at least USD 30. All payments will be issued with the earnings you receive from the payout account you set up with our monetisation tools.


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