Get support from fans, with gifts on Reels

With gifts, you can get support and earn money from fans who love your content. Fans can purchase virtual gifts within the Instagram app to show their appreciation for your Reels.

A creator shows off rainbow earrings in one image.

Earn like a pro

We’re making it easier for people to show appreciation for their favorite creators across our apps with gifts on Reels. Instagram gifts are a way for creators to get support from fans who love their content and earn money. People can purchase Stars and share virtual gifts directly in the Instagram app to show appreciation for Reels they love.


Sharpen your gifts game

Keep being your creative self

Create and share reels just as you have been before. With gifts you can earn money from content you were already planning to share.

Stay consistent

Share your creativity consistently and frequently so your fans can show their appreciation.

Let your audience know they can send gifts on your reels

Help your fans know they can continue to support you by sending gifts on Reels. Show them how!

Be open with your fans

Let your supporters what they are contributing to when they send you gifts. Tell them more about you, your creative process and don’t shy away from showing your personality.

Recognize your supporters

Show your fans some love! Tap the heart icon next to your supporters, they’ll get a notification that you’ve seen and recognized their gift.

Learn what works best

Gifts are one of the strongest signals from your fans on what content they love. Incorporate that into your content strategy!


How to get started with gifts


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