Build deeper connections. Earn recurring monthly income.

With subscriptions you can earn recurring monthly income by offering exclusive content and experiences to your most engaged followers.

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Everything you need to know about subscriptions

With Instagram subscriptions, subscribers pay a monthly fee to see exclusive content highlighted with a unique purple ring. They also get a subscriber badge next to their name so they can stand out in the comments and DM’s. All at a price point that you set within the same platform where you interact with them already.

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All the ways to engage with subscriptions


Must-Knows to Create a Successful Instagram Subscription

Your essential checklist to build a thriving community.

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Sharpen your Subscriptions Game

Work out what makes you unique

Your fans love you for a reason, so focus on ideas that are uniquely you and can't easily be found elsewhere.

Recognize your subscribers

Show your subscribers some love! Reply to your subscriber comments when you see them, shout out new subscribers, or do a weekly welcome for new subscribers in your lives.

Consistency is key

Make sure you’re offering a regularly scheduled cadence of exclusive content on a predictable schedule so subscribers know when to join and can plan ahead and don’t miss out.

Promote your Subscription

You are your biggest promoter. The more you are excited, the more your followers will be too. Share sneak previews of your subscription content on your stories and use the ‘Subscribe’ sticker to entice your followers to join.

Experiment with different formats

As you try new ways to share your content: Use posts, reels, stories, messages and live. Adjust based on what works best and feels right.

Do something special

Surprise your subscribers with a guest in your exclusive live, or invite your most loyal subscribers to join you in a live room. Making your subscribers feel valued will encourage them to stick around.


How to get started with subscriptions


How will I get paid for my subscriptions?

Creators should expect to see their payouts for subscriptions on the 21st of the following month. This will align subscription payouts with all other user pay product payouts.

For example, payouts for earnings in the month of March will be paid out on April 21st.

Is this product the same as Facebook Subscriptions?

While the Instagram and Facebook products currently offer some similar features (for example, subscriber Lives), each platform separately offers unique features.

Can I change the price of my subscriptions after I set it up?

You can change the price of your subscription and more within the subscriptions settings menu.


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