Partner with brands. Get paid.

Your followers look to you to share the brands and products that you love. And as you grow, you can start getting paid by brands for sharing that intel.

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Sharpen your branded content game

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Just do you

Followers can tell straight away when a partnership is out of character for you. So stay true to your style and only partner with brands that really speak to you.

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Own your partnerships

When a brand sponsors your content, they'll expect to see their product front and centre. And your followers will appreciate your transparency as well.

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Create mobile-friendly content

Always capture video content vertically. And as content is often viewed without sound, try to add copy throughout or enable subtitles in advanced settings.

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Prohibited and restricted categories

Certain products, such as drugs and weapons, can't be promoted as branded content. And others can only be promoted with restrictions, such as alcohol. See the full list.

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Format restrictions

Don't include pre-, mid- or post-roll ads in videos or audio content. Don't include banner ads in videos or images. See what it looks like in our visual guide.

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Always disclose paid partnerships

If you're getting paid in any form for your content, you'll need to add a paid partnership label. Unsure if yours qualifies? Take a look at our full list of scenarios.


How to earn with branded content

As you'll negotiate the terms of every branded content deal, each will be different. But it's always a good idea to provide the brand with data, such as your number of followers and the average number of likes, views, comments and shares your organic content and past branded content deals have received. All of this will help back up why you deserve a certain rate.

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The golden rules of brand deals according to @chazsmith

Figure out how to include the brand in a video that you're already planning. Write a skit where the brand is sprinkled on as a nice "seasoning" at the end. And create stuff you love, not stuff that you think will perform well.


How to get started with branded content


What if my business partner doesn't appear in search results when I try to add them as a brand partner?

Ask your business partner to be approved or select "Send request" when prompted after you've attempted to tag your business partner.

Do I need to use the paid partnership label for things such as free trips or gifted products?

Yes, anything received from business partners counts, whether it be money or otherwise.

How can I enable brands to promote my posts?

You need to give permission before businesses will see the option to promote your branded content posts. Then there are a few steps to follow.


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