Creating Reels Just Got Easier: Remix, Templates and More

clock iconJuly 21, 2022

More Ways to Share Reels With Your Audience

Just like there’s no right way to create Reels, there are multiple ways to share unique Reels content with your audience and have them coming back for more. We’re continuing to build and expand features that make creating reels easier than ever, so you can experiment with whatever feels most authentic to you and stretch your creativity.

But what if you’re not sure where to start or what to create next on Reels? Try out these new features and see where it takes you.

Reimagine The Way You Remix

Instagram interface showing how to remix a reels

Level-up your creativity with new and expanded Remix features to customize reels with your own personal spin. We’ve seen that people who used Remix are getting better results - in fact, in June, we saw them get twice as many plays from non-followers per Reel created.*

Photos: To expand the possibilities for how you can create and collaborate with your audience, you can now remix public photos on Instagram — a great way to get comfortable creating videos. When you remix a photo, it will automatically turn into a reel with a green screen layout that allows you to add your own video commentary. Remix for photos will be available globally over the coming weeks.

Layouts: Customize the layout of your remix — choose between a green screen, horizontal or vertical split-screen, or a reaction view. Wow your audience with the picture-in-picture layout and collaborate with another creator’s reel. Don’t forget — you can also remix your own reels, which can come in handy for before-and-after clips.

Add your clip: Have a hot take? Rather than having two clips appear at the same time, you have the option to add your clip onto someone else’s reel in a sequence. Use the element of surprise to answer a thought-provoking question or tell a hilarious part two of the story.

Draw Inspiration from Templates

Instagram interface showing how to browse templates

Looking for the perfect template to use for your reel? When you’re in the Reels tab, tap the camera icon at the top-right, toggle to Templates and browse different template options. From there, you can use the one that best suits your creative vision — all you have to do is add your own clips and post your masterpiece.

If you see a reel with three or more segments anywhere on Instagram that you’d like to emulate, the Templates feature lets you easily copy the same format on your own camera. The audio will also transfer over to make things even simpler.

Play With Dual in Camera

Instagram interface showing how to use Dual

Step up your reels with Dual, a new camera feature that allows you to record using the front and back cameras at the same time. When you see something awesome you just have to share, you can use Dual to capture both the awesome thing and your equally awesome reaction. Being able to share more perspectives means you can elevate your Reel storytelling.

Get Immersed in Entertaining Video Content

Instagram interface showing how to post videos

Video is a huge part of Instagram. To make it easier to create and discover entertaining videos, we’re making a simpler video experience on Instagram by making new videos reels. This means new videos on Instagram that are under 15 minutes will get Reels creative editing tools and a full-screen experience. Reels posted from a public account may also be eligible to be recommended and seen by more people – this currently applies to Reels that are under 90 seconds. This is part of our broader effort to support video and creators on Instagram — making it easier to create, and thus be entertained, by great content.