There’s No Right Way to Create on Reels

clock iconAugust 8, 2022

When you forget about "getting it right" on Reels, you give yourself the freedom to go whichever direction your creativity takes you. There’s no such thing as failure here, only limitless opportunities to grow into the creator you can be. So go ahead, try something silly, serious or spicy—something new and something you.

In short, there’s no one tried-and-true way to make a reel. With features and tools that let you explore, experiment and express yourself, Reels allows you to grow your community and shape your journey as a creator on your own terms. Ready to play?

Flex your creativity with Remix.

Need some inspiration? Put your own special twist on any reel, any time with Remix. @will.hartzell the handyman who can shoot hoops anywhere, teamed up with producer @timalikesmusic to blend their signature styles—proving music can be found in the unlikeliest of places.

Create together with Collabs.

Fashion goes digital in this reel featuring designer @camilalalaaa and visual artist @mrkatandfriends. Thanks to the Collabs tool, the duo can post their masterpiece together and easily share it with both of their followings—reaching more people and growing their impact.

Deepen connections by replying to a comment with a Reel.

Is it a cake or nah? For followers of @sideserfcakes’s hyper realistic treats, the only thing more delicious than watching her slice into a fresh cake is getting one made especially for them. Replying to a comment with a reel lets creators interact directly with their community and give them what they want to see most.

Let your imagination run wild with Dynamic Lyrics.

You never know when creativity will strike. Wherever you find it, bring it to life with Dynamic Lyrics and layer on additional features like voiceover, AR effects, timed text or whatever speaks to you. Reels are fun for @dunkin.ducks and humans, too.

Go with your gut to grow your community.

With plenty of ways to play on Reels, you can reach new fans with everything you post, especially when you share a reel on both your feed and in Reels. See how comedian @deemakes talks to her community and inspires you to get excited about connecting with your own.

Grow a sustainable career through your craft.

Reels is one of many ways to make Instagram work for you as a creator. With tools like Reels Bonuses, there’s no right way to make money on Instagram. Let the evolution of @reeezy’s comedy career serve as inspiration for what’s possible when you get started.