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August 31, 2022

A creator dances while in a green sweater and jeans.

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Creators doing Back to School Outfit trend
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Back to School Outfits 🎒

Get excited for the start of a new academic year by imagining and showing off your perfect back to school wardrobe. Take a selfie picture of your favorite looks for the occasion and edit them to show your new outfits using your favorite trending song.

Pro Tip: Link all your outfit details in your Reel description.

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It’s Corn, but it’s a song 🌽

Show your love for all things corn and summer street food with this iconic song as your soundtrack. Originally an audio from @recess_therapy, it is now a song thanks to the talented @gregorybrothers. Show some clips of you and your friends eating your way through state fairs, corn stands and your favorite food vendors!

Audio: It’s Corn, but it’s a song - Gregory Brothers
Pro Tip: Tag your favorite places to eat corn in your Reel description.

Creator doing Corn, but as a Song trend
Creator doing I Am Born To Be Cute trend
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I Am Born To Be Cute 🤗

Embrace your cuteness and some self-love by showing your favorite selfie or childhood pictures to @imalitlcup’s audio. Lip-sync the words to further accentuate how adorable you rightfully believe you are.

Audio: Original Audio - @imaliltcup
Pro Tip: You can also use this audio to show some appreciation to your little sister, your dog, or anything else that brings you joy.