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July 20, 2022

A creator dances while in a green sweater and jeans.

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Creators doing Changing my personality trend
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Changing my personality 🥷

Showcase of how your personality and outfit choices can change depending on the person you’re dating. Look straight at the camera while lip-syncing @Lawsy’s lyrics before transitioning to clips where you show off a completely different style: from being in full football gear to suddenly loving rodeo fashion, or pretending you're into cosplay.

Audio: Hotel - Lawsy
Pro Tip: Use text overlay to describe the type of person who inspired your new personality/outfit choices.

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Tell Me Something That'll Piss Me Off 😤

Tell us what silly fact upsets you the most. Film yourself lip-syncing @artimuswolz ’s audio, then as you listen to the response add text overlay to show us the thing that “pisses you off”. Storm away while lip-synching “yep, that’ll do it”.

Audio: Original Audio by @artimuswolz
Pro Tip: You can also cut to a shot of your friend responding while using text overlay to share their response.

Creator doing Tell Me Something That'll Piss Me Off trend
Creator doing I Always Slay, Always trend
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I Always Slay, Always 💅

Don’t hesitate to be your own cheerleader with this fun Reel where you showcase what makes you #slay every day while lip-syncing the words to this iconic audio from @grandma_droniak. From your favorite outfit to your daily habit or general awesomeness, highlight what makes you proud!

Audio: Original Audio by @grandma_droniak
Pro Tip: Use hashtags to amp up the motivation, such as #slayqueen or #slayking or #positiveattitude


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