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MAY 25, 2022

A creator dances while in a green sweater and jeans.

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Creators doing Graduation Group Transition trend
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Graduation Group Transition 🎓

It’s graduation season! While playing @thevamps’ “Somebody to You,” film a clip running towards the camera, propped up on the ground, in your everyday look. Then film yourself running away from the camera in the opposite direction in your graduation cap and gown. Turn to face the camera at the end to complete your transition.

Pro Tip: Jump as you reach the camera and show the landing for an added transition!
Audio: Somebody to You - The Vamps feat. Demi Lovato

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Snatched 💄

Ready to “snatch” everyone’s attention? Lip sync @Bigbossvette’s lyrics “Snatched”, gesturing as if you were snatching something with your hands before suddenly transitioning to your favorite bold makeup look.

Pro Tip: Tag the products you used to create your look in your Reel description.
Audio: Snatched - Big Boss Vette

Creator doing Snatched trend
Creator doing Look at me trend
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Look at me! 👀

Switch things up with this new editing style that makes you “loop” your video, transitioning from a different point of view. Film yourself staring at the camera before suddenly having the camera switch angles, filming as if from someone else’s perspective before coming back to your first angle to achieve the "looping" effect.

Pro Tip: Use text overlay to explain what “POV” you’re acting out using the loop editing effect.
Audio: Look at Me (Freestyle) - Bammbreezy Montana


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