Going full-time

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Realizing you could make this a full-time job is exciting and... terrifying. So take it one step at a time, and trust yourself to figure it out. Hear what others wish they'd known from the start as you build the process that works for you.


Don’t do it all at once, give yourself time to prepare.

Build your team, you don’t need to do it all alone.

Research what you’ll need for self-employment.

Treat it like a job. Organize your time and money.

How did you transition to full-time?

[@deepica] I know it's really scary going full-time and becoming a creator. I quit my job and went for it full-time, but I think the best thing you can do is before you go full-time, test and learn. Start doing it in your free time. That's how I got started.

[@carolinagelen] I think one of the moments I considered the fact that I can monetize my passion was when a corporation reached out to me and they wanted to pay me to teach their employees how to make my favorite dish. And I was like, "are you kidding?". Like what a dream job. I get to teach you how to make one of my favorite foods and get paid for it.

[@meganjaynecrabbe] We're on a completely new path that no one has ever walked before. That's so exciting.

[@kali.ledger] Nobody really has it figured out in the beginning and everything is just a learning process. So give yourself time to try and make sure you are not overwhelmed with everything you're doing. Just take one step at a time. You don't have to do everything at once. Even the most successful people have dinner in the evening and spend time with their friends.

[@carolinagelen] Freelance opportunities come and go. You can have three freelance opportunities this month and then none for the next three months. So you have to be really really organized when it comes to saving money for rent and food and all that fun stuff.

[@nicolemclaughlin] For me, I have always had issues with time management. I procrastinate a lot. And so when I went full time as a creator, I was like, "I need to get better at this". This is a skillset that will help me in my, you know, journey in my business, but also just in my life in general. So I made it a point to be a lot better at managing my time and also organizing. And so, the tool all behind me was actually a first step in that direction was to be able to create a space where everything had a place to go.

What do you wish you knew when you started?

[@kali.ledger] So reading contracts, sending invoices and learning how to file taxes because if you're going full-time, you really need to learn to be self-employed. Just because you're not wearing a suit and tie, doesn't mean you're not a business person.

[@newyorknico] If you're planning on being a content creator full-time, you have to treat it like any other job, you know. You can't decide that you have nothing to do and go play video games.

[@meganjaynecrabbe] The people who are super successful and look like they have everything sorted out, they probably have teams. They probably have a whole bunch of people who work with them. Very few people are doing this job completely solo by themselves.

[@plantkween] It takes a village. So build your village, build your team because you do not have to do it alone. You should not have to do it alone. And that allows you more time and energy and love to give into your creative magic that you want to bring into the world.

[@meganjaynecrabbe] I think as a creator, you are always gradually building up so many different skills. You can start with being on camera. Then you get into editing. Then you might get into presenting. You work on your writing. You work on your modeling. You work on your PR skills. You do so many different jobs. You're so multi-hyphenated in your day to day life that, I don't know, it almost feels like you've never reached that point of, "This is it. I am now a creator". You're always learning and that's exciting. There's something new and different to do and to learn every single day.