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September 28, 2022

A creator dances while in a green sweater and jeans.

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Creators doing Days of the Week trend
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New Days Of The Week 👗

Got some outfits you’re really proud of? Show off your style by sharing what you wear each day of the week. Play @abbyontheinternet’s ‘New Days of The Week’ audio and sync pictures of outfits you’ve worn throughout the week to it.

Audio: NEW days of the week - abbyontheinternet
Pro Tip: Link up your outfit details in your reel description.

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Shut Down Dance Challenge 🕺

The choreo to @blackpinkofficial’s new single ‘Shut Down’ is just as catchy as the song. Teach yourself the moves and find the perfect backdrop (outside, in your room, with friends) to show your skills.

Audio: Shut Down - Black Pink
Pro Tip: Remix Reels of your friends or creators dancing to the same song and try to get your moves in sync.

Creator doing Shut Down Dance Challenge trend
Creator doing Don’t Worry Daddy’s Home trend
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Don't Worry, Daddy's Home 💪

What’s something you’re really good at? Or a trait that makes you stand out? Film yourself feeling confident about your skill and add some text for context.

Audio: Papi’s Home - Drake
Pro Tip: Use text overlay to explain your particular skill or situation you’re bringing to life in your reel and use Drake’s song, ‘Papi’s Home’ to join the trend.


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The Weeknd

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