New Ways to Create with Music and Collaborate on Instagram

August 11, 2023

Instagram is where you can express your creativity and connect with your community. Today, we’re excited to provide creators with the ability to bring photo carousels to life with music and introduce new, fun ways to engage with your audience and collaborate with other creators.

Soundtrack to Your Photo Carousels

Whether you’re sharing a collection of summer memories with your audience or teasing a new track, you can now add music to your photo carousels. Building off our launch of music for feed photos, anyone can add a song to capture the mood and bring their carousel to life.

Invite Your Fellow Creators to Collab on a Post or Reel

We’re opening up more possibilities with Collabs: now, you can invite up to three creative collaborators to co-author a feed post, carousel or reel. A bonus: with Collabs, your content will be posted across all collaborators’ accounts, potentially increasing your reach and allowing you to be discovered by potential new fans.

Build community with your fans with the Add Yours sticker on Reels

With the Add Yours sticker, a creator or artist can invite their followers to join in on a fun prompt or challenge they create on Reels, and then hand-pick up to ten of their favorite submissions to reward their fans’ creativity.

Favorited reels will be pinned to the top of the Add Yours prompt page, and we’ll notify the people whose reels are chosen to celebrate!

More Music from Instagram Coming Your Way

Music is a key part of how people express their creativity and interests on Instagram. We’re excited to bring our music library to 20+ more countries over the coming weeks. We’re also partnering with Spotify in Mexico and Brazil to feature 50 of the most popular songs from Instagram Reels with a new Reels Music Chart on Spotify.

We’re always working on ways to improve your Instagram experience. We'll continue to build features that make it easier and more fun to create and share on Instagram.