Subscriptions give Maddison Noel an ‘exclusive space’ to be vulnerable with her fitness community

October 20, 2023

Content creator and online fitness coach Maddison Noel (@maddison.noel) shares how she uses Subscriptions to foster deeper connections with her subscribers by sharing exclusive behind-the-scenes content, health and wellness tips, and personal life experiences.

Building Community

During the pandemic, Maddison focused on connecting with her Instagram followers. She would frequently post Stories wishing everyone a great day and reminding them to stay hydrated. These simple gestures helped Maddison’s community grow. This easy, no-pressure form of connection during a season of hardship resonated with her followers and made Maddison relatable. Her audience consistently reached out to Maddison asking for more information on workouts, health and wellness tips, and inspiration to keep moving. When Instagram launched Subscriptions, Maddison quickly recognized the potential of earning money by creating workout programs for those followers who had consistently asked for more guidance.

Finding a Value Prop

When Maddison first launched her Subscription, she focused on workout programs and thought that would be the best way she could provide value for her subscribers; however, through feedback polls and direct messages, her followers expressed a desire for more personal insights about her life. Maddison was open to sharing more about her life but wanted more of an ‘exclusive space’ where she felt safe to share her story. She pivoted her strategy and gave her followers exclusive access to her personal life by sharing behind-the-scenes content and engaging in meaningful conversations with her subscribers. This new approach has helped Maddison build a community of loyal fans who feel close to her because she gives access to her everyday life, sharing anything from her “9 to 5” in her home office to her most personal struggles with loss, miscarriage, and divorce. Maddison reflects, “It's been a space where connecting with people and just being able to hold space for people has been an incredible and beautiful part of how my subscription has connected us.” The exclusive insights and space she’s provided have led to deeper connections and a close-knit community for Maddison.

Nurturing the Community

Maddison's content on Subscriptions covers a wide range of topics, from health and fitness to outdoor adventure tips and personal loss and healing. She tailors her content specifically to her subscribers by making sure her subscribers receive comment replies and responses to DMs so she is able to truly understand what her subscribers want to see. This deepens their connection while also inspiring Maddison with new content ideas. Consistent Subscriber Lives don’t fit into her schedule, so she opts for Exclusive Stories instead to allow for real-time interactions, encouraging feedback and engagement.

Asking for Subscriber Feedback

Maddison regularly asks her subscribers for input to shape her content. She polls them in Stories and engages through DMs and comments to understand what type of content they most want to see. Maddison values this feedback, recognizing the importance of consistency, participation, and building strong connections with subscribers. With Subscriptions, Maddison feels a sense of safety and openness, knowing she is interacting with a supportive and dedicated group of individuals who have chosen to be part of her journey. Over time, Maddison has not only built a community, but a family that shares in the joys, struggles, and wins of a fitness-driven life. Through Subscriptions, Maddison continues to deepen her connection with her community by having real conversations and inspiring them to prioritize their health and wellness goals, one Story at a time.

Maddison’s 3 Key Tips To Help You Jumpstart Your Subscription:

  • Don’t be afraid to experiment — Try new things out and adjust based on what works best.
  • Engage with your community — Ask for feedback and do something about it whether that be a new content idea inspo or a topic of interest for the subscription. By connecting in DMs and comments, you really get a good idea of what people want to see, and it really allows you to connect with people.
  • Prioritize your subscribers — Schedule time to dedicate to managing your subscription, creating content, and responding to fans. It’s super important you prioritize the people and those connections that are choosing to spend money to support you.