From Followers to Friends: Instagram Broadcast Channels with @Blesiv

December 14, 2023

Instagram Broadcast Channels have revolutionized the way content creators engage with their followers. Lifestyle content creator, Alex Guzman (@blesiv) has harnessed the potential of Instagram Broadcast Channels and describes his approach as: "Having a group chat with his friends." His Broadcast Channel, BLESIVFAM, has over 43.3K fans where he effectively nurtures a sense of community, bridging the gap between a follower and a close friend.

Crafting Engaging Content

@blesiv's content strategy revolves around showcasing his personality in multiple formats. He believes that relatability and authenticity go a long way in building stronger connections. Instead of just posting polished pictures of himself, he focuses on creating content that makes people laugh. This includes recording his friends in funny costumes and pulling playful pranks on family members, like his little brother and mom.

Striking the Right Balance

To keep things unique across various Instagram formats like Stories, Reels, Broadcast Channels, Photos, and Threads @blesiv emphasizes the importance of striking the right balance. Each format serves a specific purpose for him.

  • Stories are for engagement and connection, with Q&A sessions and updates to keep followers in the loop through informal content.
  • Reels are for condensed versions of longer form videos, made into bite-sized segments.
  • Broadcast Channels deepen connections by engaging followers in polls, exclusive content, and discussions, they can’t get anywhere else.
  • Threads are a quick way to convey information efficiently and have public conversations.

Building deeper connections

Blesiv strategically incorporates broadcast channels into his content creation toolkit, using his channel as a warm invitation to his followers, letting them to become an integral part of his life. This includes the sharing of exclusive day-to-day activities and granting early access to his unlisted content; a highly effective approach that has yielded positive results for @blesiv. To maintain an active audience, he captivates the channel by sharing an early release of his content. He drives engagement by encouraging his followers from his channel to drop emojis or phrases under the content, so he can see the impact of the ‘friends’ in his channel.

“It's heartwarming to see that within 20 minutes of my YouTube channel going live, I already have 200 comments from people in my Broadcast Channel. This level of engagement and support from the community is incredibly motivating and reinforces my sense of belonging.”

Broadcast channels for @blesiv serve as a platform where he nurtures a community that has actively participated in discovering his unique ‘voice.’ He uses his channel to understand what his fans want to see more of. Through features like polls and prompts, he gains insights into his audience’s preferences, which helps him tailor his content.

“My advice to others is to pay attention to your audience's preferences and interests. Reciprocate their likes and engage with them genuinely to build a community that resonates with your personality.”

Including his fans into the content creation process and actively engaging with them has resulted in deeper connections and more meaningful interactions for @blesiv. From actively responding to comments to wholeheartedly participating in discussions, he prioritizes genuine interaction to build trust and foster loyalty. This strategy not only solidifies his connections with fans but also elevates fan engagement, making them feel genuinely involved in the content creation process.

@Blesiv’s 3 Tips for Starting an Instagram Broadcast Channel

Be Consistent— Consistency in your content and engagement is vital to building a loyal following in your Broadcast Channel. Regular updates are essentials to keep your followers engaged and coming back for more.

Focus on quality over quantity — While maintaining an active presence is crucial, don't overwhelm your audience with excessive content. Ensure that each post conveys a meaningful message and resonates with your audience.

Stay Engaged— Make the most of available features in IG Broadcast channels, such as polls,voice memos, and prompts to keep the channel lively. These features can help foster engagement and community building. Learn more about prompt tips and tricks here.