Unlocking Success with IG Subscriptions: How it fit into Kimberley’s (iambohoblonde) ‘Everyday life’

September 22, 2023

Kimberley Haberley, an Australian based hair salon owner and content creator, shares her journey of monetizing on IG through Subscriptions with educational tutorials. She shares how Subscriptions not only elevated her business but also cultivated an engaged and dedicated community of followers, lovingly calling them her 'subscriptions babies.'

From Salon Owner to Educator

Kimberley's Instagram journey began with the intention of promoting her salon, Boho Blonde. However, as she immersed herself in the platform, her focus shifted towards becoming an educational resource for fellow hairdressers. Using @iambohoblonde, she began sharing insightful content tailored to professionals in the industry. She shares, "I really started to put more educational posts for hairdressers up rather than just content for clients. It just opened up this whole nother world of people following and wanting to learn from me, which was really awesome.”

Embracing IG Subscriptions

Kimberley's evolution led her to explore and monetize with Subscriptions. At first, she was hesitant but soon realized the potential it held. She discovered that Subscriptions allowed her to tailor her content to a smaller community by sharing stories and tutorials that allowed her to connect with her audience in new and engaging ways. The result? Kimberley's subscription business is now generating a significant income of around 31K $AUD per month*, thanks to her 3.1K subscribers.

Educating the Bohoblonde Community

One of Kimberley's key strategies for Subscriptions is providing valuable educational content. On her subscription page, she shares in-depth hair tutorials, offering a 30-minute guide to achieving specific looks. To entice her audience, she teases these tutorials with sneak previews and captivating images on her public profile. This approach not only draws in new subscribers but also showcases her expertise.

Effortless Content Creation

What sets Kimberley's approach apart is her emphasis on authenticity and simplicity. She doesn't stress over creating elaborate, high-production videos. Instead, she relies on her smartphone, setting it up herself and adding a personal touch through voiceovers. "It fits into my everyday life," she notes, highlighting the importance of content that aligns with her routine.

Building a Thriving Community by being Yourself and Connecting

Kimberley's success isn't just about numbers; it's about community. She prioritizes her subscribers, responding to their messages and comments before the rest of her followers. This interaction has fostered a strong sense of belonging among her followers, even extending beyond the digital realm to real-life events where people proudly proclaim, "I'm a subscriber baby!"

Kimberley is able to be herself, embracing her raw and honest persona. This authenticity has resonated with her audience, creating a deeper connection. She explains, "Subscriptions have really created this awesome community, where it's like my subscriber babies really stand by me."

Three Pieces of Advice for those ready to get started with Subscriptions

  1. Be Authentic: Your authenticity sets you apart. An honest approach to what you're offering will help you stand out in a saturated market.
  2. Respond to Subscriber DMs & Comments: Engage with your subscribers actively. Responding to messages and comments shows your dedication to your community and proves the value of your subscription.
  3. Be Consistent: Consistency is key. Don't overcomplicate things. If it's easy to integrate into your daily life, you'll be more consistent, ultimately delivering value to your subscribers.