Bringing More Gifts to Creators

February 8, 2023

In November, we began testing gifts on Reels as a new way for creators to easily begin earning money from fans who want to show them their appreciation. Today, we’re excited to expand gifts across the US to more creators.

Creators can receive gifts from fans who purchase them directly within the Instagram app using Stars. These themed virtual gifts let fans creatively express their appreciation, which can result in creators earning money.

"We love the gifting feature since it allows our followers to contribute to our content journey. When our audience can share a monetized token of appreciation with us, we are able to allocate more time toward producing additional content that they'll love. It keeps our 9-5 focus on ensuring that a day won't go by without our audience enjoying a laugh!"


Creators in the US can check their Professional Dashboard to see if they have access to Instagram gifts and can onboard to begin earning today.

Gifts are one of the growing number of ways we help creators make a living and grow their community on the platform. Stay tuned, we hope to bring gifts to even more creators soon.