Protecting Creators from unwanted interactions through new proactive safety tools

Dec 13, 2023

We know that, as a creator, engaging with your community energizes and motivates you, but having to spend time deleting spammy comments from your posts or removing fake accounts from your followers can be a drag – and more time spent moderating your account means less time interacting with your fans.

Today, we’re announcing a suite of new tools rolling out over the coming weeks that give you the power to easily and proactively keep your accounts safe from unwanted interactions and provide transparency about content that may be affecting your account status. Now you’ll have more time for doing what you love: creating content and connecting with your audience.

Thanks to investments in detection, Instagram can proactively identify potential spam activity:

  • We’ve improved our automated detection of spam across many of the areas where you feel it the most: Spammy comments & tags, story views, and fake followers
  • We’re using improved detection to also help you moderate fake followers and spammy tags in bulk

In addition to improvements in detecting spam, we’re also updating our enforcement transparency by notifying you in-app of potentially violating and non-recommendable content so you can more quickly remediate issues, and better understand our policies.

New tools enabling bulk removal of spam & bot followers and bulk rejection of spammy tags will cut down time spent moderating your account

With this advancement in our automated spam detection, we’re giving you more tools to easily control how these spam accounts interact with you, to reduce the time you spend having to moderate your account. Less time moderating means more time for creating!

All those suspected spam or bot accounts that we’re preventing from following you will be automatically filtered into a separate inbox for you to review, along with any existing followers we think may be spam or bot accounts. If you see any accounts that you think may not be spam, you can approve them and they’ll be added to your followers. But if you’re confident these accounts are all spam or bots, you can simply tap “Delete all spam followers” (or do nothing and the requests will automatically get removed). And don’t worry, accounts will not be alerted when they are removed from your followers list.

If you receive a lot of spammy tags, remember that you will not be tagged in those posts unless you approve them. You’ll be able to review all of these potentially spammy tags and bulk delete them with no impact to your account by tapping “Delete all requests.” Don’t feel like looking at a bunch of spammy tags? No problem! Tag requests that you don't take action on will be automatically deleted in 30 days.

We are also experimenting with hiding views on your stories that we think may be spam. This will reduce these unwanted users’ ability to directly interact with you via story engagement.

While we’re already proactively hiding comments on your posts that could be spammy or offensive through our Hidden Words tool, we’re increasing the strength of our ability to detect and hide spammy comments by updating our Advanced Comment Filtering to start to filter out suspected spam as well.

We’re also testing ways to be more proactive about potential issues affecting your content

When content you post goes against our Recommendations Guidelines or Community Guidelines, you could be at risk of seeing reduced reach or other enforcements on your account. But we know mistakes happen, or you may even be unaware of some guidelines.

We want to help provide creators with more information that could help them stay recommendable. We’re currently testing some in-app nudges that will flag if some posts you uploaded may go against some of our guidelines. These nudges are meant to provide you with more education to make an informed choice about keeping or removing the content.

You can learn more about recommendations and your account status here. We recommend checking account status regularly so you can proactively take steps to ensure the health of your account.

We’re committed to ensuring Instagram is the best place for creators to grow their audience and thrive. Today’s updates are some of the ways we’re working to keep you safe and enable you to spend less time managing your account and more time creating.