Celebrating well-being creators during Mental Health Awareness Month

May 12, 2023

Online communities can be a source of inspiration, connection and support. This Mental Health Awareness Month, we are spotlighting creators who have grown with their online communities and have cultivated a space to talk about the importance of well-being.

For some, that means advocating for underrepresented communities or sharing vulnerable moments in their life. For others, they’re simply starting a dialogue about how their communities have uplifted them when they’ve needed it most.

As we celebrate Mental Health Awareness Month, it’s important to amplify these stories and empower empathetic and authentic conversations.


Aija Mayrock is a bestselling author and poet. She wrote her first book The Survival Guide to Bullying in hopes of helping students find their power, parents learning how to help their kids, and teachers being aware of the signs of bullying, which has since been translated to 18 languages. Her second book and debut book of poetry Dear Girl takes readers on an empowering, lyrical journey exploring truth, silence, wounds, healing, and the resilience we all share. Aija has performed poetry for over 4 million people all over the U.S. and has created content centered around mental health, women’s rights, bullying, amongst other topics.

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Mikah Jones is a content creator who is passionate about making healing accessible to everyone and founded mikahjonesss.com to help amplify the messages and tools of healers and practitioners through short video content. Through his work, he learns from his clients and embodies their lessons of healing. He finds the process of creating videos, from writing scripts to editing to be nourishing and looks to create content that inspires and empowers viewers to become the creators of their own lives.

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Ariana is an 18-year-old food content creator, private chef, and former contestant on FOX's MasterChef Junior Season 6. She has raised over $500,000 for over 25 different organizations through her culinary and philanthropy work. She is continually inspired by her global community to share fun, creative, and vibrant recipes every week.

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Brian is the founder and CEO of SoundMind, an app that empowers people to find balance in their lives through music. Through the SoundMind college & school activations, they have reached students and educators alike and helped them to build stronger, more supportive communities. Beyond that, Brian has made it his mission to uplift LGBTQ voices and provide access to mental health services for overlooked communities. He is proud to be a leader in the mental health and wellness space, and uses his platform to share people's stories & push for access and advocate for those who need it most.

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