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DEC 23, 2021

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Creator doing Months of the Year trend
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Months of the Year 📆

Create a Reel that looks back at your unforgettable year. To the tune of @thekiboomer’s audio, ‘Months of the Year,’ edit a photo montage of your life and memories from each month, syncing them up with the lyrics.

Audio: Months of The Year - The Kiboomers
Pro Tip: Check out @lovesia_art tutorial from Dec 11th, and use timed text to label the months so viewers get the full idea.

target icon TRENDING

abcdefu 🔥

Share your deepest, gritty feelings through @gayle’s song ‘abcdefu.’ Film a close-up selfie video and either lip-sync the lyrics or power-walk through the streets. The more you show the emotions embodied by the song, the more of a badass you’ll show you really are.

Audio: abcdefu - GAYLE
Pro Tip: Use text overlay to make clear a scenario you’re reacting to.

Creator doing abcdefu trend
Creator doing Chill with the Boys Trend
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Chill With the Big Boys 😏

This Reel sends as a powerful message to anyone who underestimates you or your work. As you lip-sync @goya_menor and @nektunez’s lyrics, show what it takes to fight struggles, and describe all the hardships and successes it took to be who you are today. No matter your background, inspire people with your skills—and guts!

Audio: Ameno Amapiano (Remix) - Goya Ménor & Nektunez
Pro Tip: Use text overlay to easily share your experience and tips.


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