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JAN 20, 2022

A creator dances while in a green sweater and jeans.

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Creator doing Prom Queen trend
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Prom Queen 👑

Show everyone how unrealistic beauty standards actually are, with Beach Bunny’s Prom Queen. Start by staring straight into the camera, use a filter on half of the screen to film a selfie video and the other half to show the “real” you. All while lip syncing to @beachbunnymusic’s Prom Queen lyrics.

Audio: Prom Queen - Beach Bunny
Pro Tip: In your Reels description, share with your community a message of empowerment and love to all body images.

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Silly Bounce🕺

Turns out @Minimusicman’s upbeat Crazy La Paint is the perfect background for getting silly with your friends and fam. How to do the Silly Bounce: Film your Reel in 2x speed, then walk in small steps around the room before bouncing up and down, the goofier the better.

Audio: Crazy La Paint - Minimusicman
Pro Tip: Add to the comedy by editing together a Reel in which you change t-shirt color every time you bounce back up to the beat.

Creator using Silly Bounce trend
Creator doing Puff Puff Pass Trend
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Puff Puff Pass ✨

When you catch a moment lounging around, lip-sync to Nicki Minaj’s verse in New Body. Once you hit the lyrics “puff puff pass,” touch the screen and transition to a glow-up moment. Want an example? Check out @2shaddy's sampled song New Body.

Audio: New Body - 2shaddy
Pro Tip: Film your new look from different angles, dancing to the music while moving the camera around.


Get moving with the newest tracks 🎶

The Weeknd -

Gunna ft Young Thug -
pushin P

Tobias Dray -


Meet London-based Gambian hip-hop artist @munilong, the woman behind some of your favorite household names with her the melodic voice & authentic lyricism

As a songwriter and artist, Muni Long is known for writing a multitude of smashing hits. Famously known for writing for individuals like Rihanna, Madonna, Selena Gomez, Mariah Carey and more. Muni Long has independently released her newest EP ‘Public Displays Of Affection’ which includes the sultry eccentric single ‘Hrs and Hrs’ that's currently going viral on Reels. Currently known as an anthem for love, ‘Hrs and Hrs’ has fans sharing moments of their love with the world.

Muni Long Artist Spotlight for Reels Trend Report

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