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Check out bonuses: ever changing ways to earn money directly from Instagram for making the best, most engaging content you can.

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Bonus Programs: Reels Surprise

Introducing Reels Surprise, a bonus program where you can earn up to $20,000 for creating some of the most entertaining and engaging Reels on Instagram.


How to get started with bonuses

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Everything to know about bonuses

Bonuses are opportunities for you to earn money based on the amazing content you create.

For example, Reels Play is a bonus program that lets you earn money for the number of plays on your reels; the more plays your reels get, the more you can earn. Instagram kickstarts your progress, offering you more earnings for some of your earliest views. Track your progress on your professional dashboard and once you've earned at least $100, you can cash out, and continue to participate in the program.


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Sharpen your reels game to earn bonuses

Learn tips and tricks for reels

The best thing about Reels is that there is no right way to make one! Find out what works best for you and stay up to date with the latest trends, tips, and tricks here.

Use the Insights to see what’s working

Experiment with your favorite types of reels and use Insights to understand your reach and what resonates with your audience.

Learn from other creators like you

Everyone has their own path, but you can always learn from others experimenting with reels and take what works for you. Visit Creator Lab to hear from some of our favorite creators.


What content is eligible for bonuses?

The requirements and the details of each bonus program may vary by participant. You’ll be able to find this information when you accept each bonus program. Branded content is currently ineligible for bonuses.

If I’m eligible, how do I set up bonuses?

You must have a professional (business or creator) profile to access the professional dashboard at the top of your profile. Scroll down to “Bonus” and follow the steps to onboard.

How do I review my earnings?

You can view all invoices once authenticated in the professional dashboard, and by going to your Settings under Tools in the Instagram App.


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